Saturday, September 15, 2007

David -- my happy child!

Here is David drawing a picture book about some characters that he created and he is making sound effects and voiceovers all by himself.

"How to check the right distance from eyes to a book? Put elbows on the table, and touch temples with tips of your fingers"

What an imaginative, happy child he is! He's come down with an ear infection of late, so we were all up all night, sent poor disoriented Dad to the drugstore at 3 AM,, but I am happy to report that David is a little trooper and doing better and better every day.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Summer Of Love

View the whole album here.

"David at the SOL to a sales woman: "This is my mom and my dad. They are the bosses of me" She answers, with a laugh "As if!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

David to become a Cub Scout

" The sweetest sounds to mortals given
are heard in Mother, home, and Heaven "

We had a back to school night yesterday. David seems to have so much confidence and joy in school! Last year he was a little shy and timid. This year, he is to become a Cub Scout. What fun we had at the Scout Meeting! David made paper airplanes; ate hot dogs and then made s'mores by the fire. He learned a song routine with bigger boyscouts and performed for us. He climbed and ran near the lake. What a joyful child he is! (Mommy sighs proudly)

As usual I posted the rest of the photos in our Photoalbum(click here)